Hastings Stage Studio celebrates 50 amazing years of making a song and dance

Hastings Stage Studio has been making a song and dance for half a century.

Wednesday, 30th May 2018, 8:06 pm
Updated Tuesday, 19th June 2018, 10:44 am
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To celebrate the milestone they held a special gala event over two nights at the White Rock Theatre.

J Bullard and M Chapman, in reviewing the shows, said: “Heads of the studio, John and Vanessa Pohlhammer, featured scores of their talented performers of all ages in production numbers ranging from dynamic solos to duos, small groups and huge, impressive showstoppers.

“The entire evening honoured Vanessa’s parents—the studio’s esteemed original founder Anne Slacke who proudly attended with her husband Geoffrey Slacke, along with hundreds of beaming, successful alumni from the past five decades.

Stage 1 SUS-180530-140136001

“The high-energy variety show provided heart-pounding, upbeat singing and dancing numbers clad in vibrant colours—both beautifully choreographed and vocally arranged—followed by earthy, grounded contemporary pieces and innovative comedy.

“ Storytellers in song graced the boards with heartbreaking and seat-swaying tales of love, loss, joy and drama in perfect harmony.

“Among the talented alumni of the school making guest appearances in the 50th Anniversary Gala were twice-nominated Olivier-award powerhouse Sophie Louise Dann and brave aerialist Emily Kinch displaying her considerable strength and flexibility suspended high above the crowd from a crystal chandelier.

“Bringing tight harmonies and shiny silver suits from way across the pond, the gentlemen of ‘Oh What A Night!’ also made a special guest appearance.

“This is the blockbuster show that John Pohlhammer has been performing in of late in Las Vegas, Toronto and Hawaii, to name a few, along with special appearances by his talented 13-year-old son Brandon.

“The entire evening was a huge success! The incredible pool of talented and dedicated performers of all ages from The Hastings Stage Studio quite literally blew us away and brought us to tears.

“Richly costumed and meticulously directed, choreographed and executed, the show deservedly brought the enthralled audience to their feet.

“This jewel of a school for the performing arts is a benefit to the area and all those involved.

“These are the next generation of actors, singers, dancers, designers, technicians, choreographers and directors. The lessons they learn at The Hastings Stage Studio will benefit them in all their journeys and endeavors. They will lead us to the theatre of tomorrow, and from our seats, the future looks very bright indeed.”

For information on classes at The Hastings Stage Studio for all ages, contact Vanessa on 07973 625429.

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