Healthwatch lists care home as ‘example of good practice’

Peterhouse won National Environment Award for its 50 Plants for 50 Years Project, in November 2016
Peterhouse won National Environment Award for its 50 Plants for 50 Years Project, in November 2016

A care home in Bexhill has been listed as a good practice case study by Healthwatch East Sussex.

Healthwatch is the national consumer champion in health and care, with significant statutory powers to ensure the voice of the consumer is strengthened and heard by those who commission, deliver and regulate health and care services.

Care homes in East Sussex providing nursing care were visited by Healthwatch over the past year, following concerns that had been voiced about the shortage of vacancies in care homes that provide nursing care.

In its report, which focussed on the themes of choice and independence, Peterhouse, in Bexhill, is listed as an example of good practice case study.

The report stated: “The residents we spoke to were clear that they were able to make choices and be independent within the limits of their mobility.

“They said things like ‘I choose what I want to wear and when to stay in my room’, ‘there is a choice of meals and where you eat them’ and ‘I choose what to wear, dress myself and join in the various activities’.

“Residents appreciate the caring and friendly atmosphere. They said things like ‘everybody is friendly – staff and residents’ and ‘I felt lonely before, but now I am socialising as everyone is so friendly and staff are so helpful’.”

In its conclusion about Peterhouse, the Healthwatch report said: “Peterhouse has a warm and friendly atmosphere. Residents say that they have plenty of choice in terms of everyday life at the home. They say the staff are friendly and are quick to meet their needs.

“The links between the sheltered accommodation, the day centre and the care wing work well.

“Systems to gather residents’ and relatives’ views and to act on them for improvement are effective.

“The Director of Operations has a clear vision of how Peterhouse can further improve facilities. She has plans to extend the paved pathway further into grounds and to develop the activities programme for residents.”

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