Help Lindsay choose a new good cause

A Bexhill business woman is asking for help to choose which local charity to fundraise for this year.

Lindsay White of Envision Photography is keen to support causes important to the town and over the past 12 months achieved over £400 for recipients such as Jack’s Dream. She raised £278 for Jacks Dream by donating five per cent of her business income, and auctioned a day’s wedding photography with the full amount of the winning bid going straight to the charity.

She also donated £80 towards King Offa Academy PTA’s project of new playground equipment - by photographing the entire school and selling prints to parents. Lindsay donated £54 to Collington Corner Nursery to help fund IT equipment by offering nursery photography sessions. She supports other causes, and has worked with Lark in the Park, Brighton Retired Greyhound Trust, and Eastbourne Football Club.

Lindsay is hoping to increase the percentage she donates from five per cent to 20 per centto the charity picked and is asking for ideas - suggestions to or go to her Facebook page, winner chosen at random on January 31.