Higher prices for Bexhill?

How interesting to see the list of activities aimed at the Seniors Activity Week - events in Bexhill were by far the most expensive mostly at around £4.00 whereas Hastings and St Leonards’ prices were around £2-£3 with several free of charge - when living off a pension even £4.00 can be too much.

Where I lived before, residents of a certain age could go to council subsidised weekly exercise, ballroom, jive, tango and pilates classes for free plus several other less active classes (flower arranging, cake decoration) - this means that having moved to Bexhill I can no longer attend any fitness classes since my pension only just covers my living expenses with nothing left over for classes- I do walk along the promenade - a most attractive walk studying the sea and the cleverly designed plant beds but I do miss the classes.

Does Rother District Council believe the people of Bexhill are wealthier than those in St Leonards and Hastings?

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