Hotel chain set to approach council


A hotel chain says it is approaching Rother District Council with a view to forming an innovative partnership to support local regeneration.

Travelodge says a letter being set to the council outlines the role the firm plays supporting Local Authorities, to help encourage local regeneration, create jobs and boost the local economy.

Hotels in the programme are built on surplus local authority land, with the funding provided either through the Local Authority’s internal resource or via low-cost funding from the Public Works Loan Board or third party resources.

Upon completion of the hotel development, local authorities have the choice of retaining ownership of the hotel and receiving an annual rent into the council’s revenue budget or selling the hotel with Travelodge as its operator.

During the last three years, Travelodge has completed seven Local Authority development partnership deals across the country.

Peter Gowers, Travelodge chief executive, said: “More and more local authorities are under pressure to find ways to help regenerate their historic town centres and local communities. Adding a low-cost hotel like Travelodge is an increasingly attractive choice, as it draws visitors, creates jobs and helps boost the local economy. Our customers are travelling more frequently and we are opening new hotels to ensure we are in locations where they want to be.”

Travelodge currently does not operate any hotels in the area, but Rother District Council says it would be open to discussions with the chain.

An RDC spokesman said: “We have made numerous attempts to attract Travelodge to the area. We have identified a need for hotel accommodation particularly in the Bexhill area, but so far we have received no approach or response to our requests from the company.

“We have yet to receive this letter from Travelodge, but will consider the details of any offer when we do.”