Household water bills set to fall

Bexhill residents should see a drop in their household water bills from this spring.

South East Water confirmed this week that its average household water bill from April 1 will be falling to £198 - three pounds cheaper than last year. This works out at 54 pence a day for the average family.

South East Water is also encouraging customers to go online to find out how their water bills are helping to improve water supplies and to find out the range of payment options available.

The company is also offering help to those who are struggling with their bills.

Steve George, Customer Services Director, said: “We encourage our customers to contact us as soon as possible if they are facing difficulty with their bill. Our specially trained Customer Care Team talks through the range of payment options available as well as the special tariffs and support we offer.

“This includes the new social tariff now available for eligible customers which can result in up to a 40 per cent reduction being applied to their current tariff across all charging methods – unmetered, metered and assessed.”

Details at or call 0333 000 0001.