Humanists’ birthday is shared by Darwin

Charles Darwin was born on February 12 1809, and in 1859 he published his groundbreaking work On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection.

It revolutionised the way we all look at nature by challenging the story of creation as found in the Bible.

Today, Darwin’s theory of natural selection has been accepted - by most people - as scientific fact, and advancements in our understanding of DNA and new fossil discoveries are constantly adding to common knowledge of the different stages of evolution.

Hastings Humanists group had its first meeting on Darwin Day 2009.

Bexhill member Mike Lynott said: “This year we will be six years old, with that in mind at our February meeting we will discuss whether there is an evolutionary basis for a sense of humour, and in view of recent events in France, we may well consider how far satirical treatment of religions is justified. Also is there any truth in the idea of English humour? What sort of humour appeals to you most? Puns? Slapstick? And can you recognise Irony?” Hastings Humanists meet at 7.30pm Thursday February 12 in the White Rock Hotel, Hastings, £3 for members, £5 non-members.