Huw Merriman - Conservative candidate for Bexhill and Battle

Conservative candidate for Bexhill and Battle Huw Merriman
Conservative candidate for Bexhill and Battle Huw Merriman

I live near Heathfield with my family and have served as a Wealden district councillor for the last eight years.

Having served a local apprenticeship, I am now seeking your vote to represent a larger part of our community in Parliament.

To become the next MP for Bexhill and Battle would be a huge privilege and would drive me to deliver my absolute best for the constituency.

As a district councillor, I have helped my electors with the problems which life can sometimes throw up for us all. I have rolled my sleeves up and got hands-on to make my village a better one (from taking rubbish to the tip to strimming the verges). I have also worked in a team to establish a site for affordable housing and deliver homes for local parishioners to live in.

I have spent the last 18 years carving out a successful career as a lawyer but life has not always been plain sailing.

I attended a failing secondary modern school and had to work hard to succeed.

I do not come from a Conservative background (my parents were trade unionists and Labour supporters).

I fully understand the need to allow every child to be inspired to flourish.

Our constituency will need its next MP to be a champion for even more investment.

I will campaign for the A21 to be upgraded and, as a commuter, I will lead the charge to deliver better rail services for Battle.

The new link road from Bexhill to Hastings will deliver 42 acres of business premises. I will help persuade businesses to expand and relocate and deliver more jobs to the constituency.

If you vote Conservative at the General Election then you will be voting for a new MP who has lived and served a political apprenticeship locally in the community, has spent 18 years in a career outside of the ‘Westminster village’ and will, if elected, continue to commute from East Sussex to London to maximise the time spent in the constituency.

You will also be voting for a Conservative Government which will continue to manage the economy, tighten immigration and give you a European referendum, further reduce the welfare bill (we have already delivered two million new jobs) and return the savings to you in lower taxes and higher pensions and increased resources for our local hospitals and schools.