Insider knowledge from the experts on how to make moving home as stress-free as possible

Stress-free moving
Stress-free moving

New research shows that almost 90% of home movers find the process stressful, while almost two fifths of recent movers paid out an extra £5,000 over their budget.

Most people expect moving home to be a testing and costly experience, but research by MoneySuperMarket shows that 86 per cent of home movers found it stressful and that Brits are paying out an additional £17billion in costs they hadn’t planned for.

Almost two fifths (39%) of recent home movers paid out an extra £5,000 on average on top of what they budgeted for.

Almost half (46%) also felt they weren’t in control of the process while moving home has forced a fifth (19%) to compromise their career and has caused arguments with their partner (20%).

The results have been released to coincide with the launch of MoneySuperMarket’s Home Mover Hub and its Cost of Moving Calculator, which are designed to give people more control throughout the home moving process.

But with expert help, moving needn’t be as stressful or costly as the survey shows.

To get the inside scoop on the dos and don’ts of moving, we’ve assembled a panel of experts to give you advice on the legal aspects, surveys, insurance and the moving process itself.

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