Inspectors say care home must improve

Richmond Nursing Home
Richmond Nursing Home

A care home has been told it needs to improve in four or the six areas inspected during a recent routine visit.

Richmond Methodist Care Home in Collington Lane East provides a care home without nursing and provides dementia support in its Heatherbank unit as well as accommodation for adults over 65.

It was visited by an inspection team in September and last month a subsequent report deemed the home in need of improving in a host of key areas.

In fact, of the categories looked at, it was only found to be meeting standards in two areas – management of medicines and staffing.

Management were told they need to improve matters in respect of the other four categories: consent to care and treatment; care and welfare of people who use services; supporting workers and record keeping.

The home was due to submit a response to the inspection teams’ report by late last month outlining what changes management plan to make sure all standards are met in the future.

And subsequent checks will be carried out to make sure the changes are being implemented successfully.

The inspectors spoke to a mix of residents and their relatives during their visit – and indeed many were complimentary about the staff.

An acting manager told the inspection team staff turnover for the three months prior to the visit had been 20 per cent and there were also concerns voiced by staff that an agency hadonone occasion provided a worker for the home’s Heatherbank unit who had no experienced providing personal care or working with a dementia like condition.

Care workers also said changes in management of the home and a number of staff leaving had had a negative impact on the home in general.

One worker was quoted in the report as saying: “The work has become more task-oriented because staff had left, it is getting better but it will take some time to go back to the way it was.”

On a more positive note the report also stated that overall staff offered the support and care people needed.