Is it really safe to have cyclists on the promenade?

24/10/13- Cycling along Bexhill Promenade ENGSUS00120131024135552
24/10/13- Cycling along Bexhill Promenade ENGSUS00120131024135552

From: Tessa Osborne, Kewhurst Avenue. Bexhill on Sea

Many Bexhillians, but not all, were generously in favour of this - the latter perhaps prescient of what was to come! Now it is no longer possible to walk the prom without caution as fast moving cyclists weave their way along, ringing their bells as walkers scatter in their path.

Over the tourist season, the prom can be crowded and there have already been some near misses, particularly with small children darting to and fro. There are only three signs for the whole prom, announcing that cyclists should travel slowly and give way to pedestrians but possibly they have not seen these as they are situated at a height only easily read by small dogs. My request for one cyclist to slow down was met with a **** off!

Of course, there are many cyclists who do respect this shared space and travel at a moderate speed; however, it only takes one, usually approaching silently and fast, to destroy the feeling of unencumbered freedom and instil a sense of vulnerability in walkers, who must now be ever vigilant.

What do you think? Was it a mistake to open the promenade to cyclists?