Is it Santa or just a space station?

If you look South West at approx. 5.20pm on Christmas eve you will see a very thin Crescent of the Moon, Father Christmas and his Sleigh will be heading from West to East flying above the Moon he will be travelling quite fast and will be out of sight by 5.27pm (That is if it is clear).

It’s actually the International Space Station but do go and look for it if it’s clear attached is a map of where to view on 24th Santa’s Sleigh will be like a very bright Star moving quickly across the sky.

East Sussex Astronomical Society has just moved its meeting place and we now meet at Egerton Park Indoor Bowls Club function Room, Bexhill every first Thursday of the Month at 8pm, our December speaker gave us a talk about the Egyptians and how they worked out the seasons and the flooding of the Nile by lining up stars with certain positions on the Great Pyramids at Giza that lie in the current constellation of Orion (Sah in Egyptian times) Bob Mizon who gave the talk is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and is a Campaigner for Dark Skies so that everyone can enjoy the night sky even in towns by ensuring lights are pointing down and not lighting up the sky to obscure the wonders of the heavens. Andy Lawes Chairman of ESAS is the local CfDS officer so please contact him if you have any night time lighting concerns.