It finally is the ‘End of the World’

THE Space, which adjoins the Warrior Square Railway Station at the end of Kings Road, St Leonards, will host a series of experimental video installations, projections and performance, from 6pm on December 7 and 8.

This forms part of an ongoing programme of outdoor sculpture and installation projects curated by Christine Gist.

The dark winter night will be lit up by outdoor projections devised by underground artists Sharon Haward and Sarah Locke as the final part of the End of the World series of projects, projections and screenings.

Sarah Locke will also be undertaking a performance entitled Mother of Grace Moskow Discow / The Bar at the End of the World, at 7pm each evening. Mother of Grace is the alter ego of Sarah Locke. Over the years her shifting roles have seen her as a parent, child, traveller and lost soul moving from place to place looking for somewhere to call home.

For End of the World, we find her in a bar, grasping at visions of the past and treading carefully around an uncertain future.

The event will also include work by Sandra Crisp, Matthew Pountney. Johnny Crump and Sharon Haward.

There will also be an opportunity to see a selection of recent work by current and ex-students from South Coast College.