Knicker flash inspires mum to a ‘pants’ idea

Toni Gardner, Bexhill on Sea. SUS-150306-145039001
Toni Gardner, Bexhill on Sea. SUS-150306-145039001

After shutting her skirt in the front door, forcing her to chase an errant toddler down the road dressed in a pair of old knickers, Toni Gardner thought her day hadn’t gotten off to the best of starts.

But after sharing her tale on Facebook and bringing a smile to a few faces, Toni hit upon the idea of using her underwear escapades to help raise funds towards a new fertility support group.

Toni, company director at Treelight Therapies & Retreats, said: “I posted an apology on the Bexhill-on-Sea Group’s Facebook page.

“The apology was to the many residents of Bexhill who had witnessed me legging it down the road wearing only flip flops, a vest top and my knickers.

“That’s what happens when you shut your long floaty skirt in the front door, you can’t reach your house keys and your toddler takes the opportunity to go running off down the road!

“Then the most amazing thing happened. People started liking and commenting ‘This has cheered me up, I’ve had a stressful day’ and ‘How funny! You’ve given us all a good giggle’ and 375 people later, I was invited down to Coffee In Style for free coffee and cake for ‘lifting the spirits of the community!’.”

Toni received a number of cheeky requests to repeat the stunt, complete with the holey, greying granny pants which were given an airing last Friday (May 29).

Although not keen for a repeat performance, Toni has decided to turn her embarrassing dash into an opportunity to raise money for the fertility support group she hopes to set up.

The 38-year-old said: “My son was born after three rounds of highly expensive and stressful IVF.

“There are approximately 400 women locally going through treatment at any one time and the nearest support group to us is in Crawley.

“People liked that idea and are behind me – now everyone wants to run in their pants!”

And Toni’s supporters have already suggested names for the event – Underwear for Embryos, Pants for Pregnancy or maybe Streakers in Sneakers for Pregnancy Seekers.

Toni, of Cantelupe Road, hopes to raise £2,000 to fund the group for the first year.

Toni added: “It really shows how wonderful the community of Bexhill is and look how much good has come out of sharing an embarrassing moment.

“There has been laughter, joy, empathy, cake, community spirit and hopes to raise money for a great cause.”