Laura’s aim in local election

Laura Fermor
Laura Fermor

About to stand as an Independent councillor for the first time is single mum of two Laura Fermor.

Her motivation is simple - she wants to work alongside Pebsham Cllr Charlie Clark and support his work in the community.

Laura, 39, said: “I love Bexhill and have always lived here. I grew up in Bexhill and attended the local schools and college.

I have two young children (8) and (4) years who attend the local schools.

I am interested in recycling and upcycling, I care about the local amenities and enjoy problem solving. Regeneration is of great interest to me, the new transport links and the Country Park regeneration is very important and being a home owner in Pebsham, I am looking forward to the changes ahead.

Having a young family I am very aware of the need for crime reduction and reduction in anti social behaviour.

I also wish to support care of elderly in the area and am community minded.

The reason for standing is to support Cllr Clark and not to oppose him, the St Michaels ward is a two seat ward and I believe working together we can achieve a lot for the Pebsham residents. Bexhill is better served by Independent Councillors whose only interest is in our town.”