Little Common pupils celebrate 100 days of being at school

Little Common School SUS-180313-095219001
Little Common School SUS-180313-095219001

Foundation Stage children at Little Common Primary School celebrated 100 days at school by coming to school dressed as representations of 100.

Some came dressed as suffragettes whilst others dressed as 100 year old people or creatively decorated t-shirts with 100 items.

Lessons that day comprised of finding as many different representations of 100 and thinking about what they would look like when they reached 100 years of age.

Zoe Patch, Assistant Head and Foundation Phase Lead, commented “It is really important for children to work with numbers in a range of interesting and fun ways.

“This year the children have really benefitted from a mastery approach in their maths lessons. The day enabled number work to naturally link with other subjects such as History and PHSE in a very engaging way.”

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