Little Common WI Christmas fair at St Martha’s Church hall

Dave and Maggie Masters at St Martha's Church
Dave and Maggie Masters at St Martha's Church

Father Christmas and his cheeky elf helper roamed the streets of Little Common ringing their jingle bell and inviting everyone in to the festive Little Common WI fair in St Martha’s Church Hall.

And their efforts were not wasted because the event was “very well attended” according to one of the organisers, Maggi Davis.

She said: “There were three other events on in the village so I was surprised how many people were there. It was good fun.”

A highlight of the event of course was the cake stall which did great business, with all cakes and goodies donated by members. President Pauline Flavell had also been baking and made an amazing cake which was the subject of the “guess the weight” competition which attracted a good deal of interest.

“She made a fabulous cake,” said Maggi, “and it gets a lot of funds coming in because people want to have a go.”