Local campaigner calls for Bexhill town council

diane weller street lighting campaigner in Bexhill
diane weller street lighting campaigner in Bexhill


She claims for “far too long” Bexhill residents’ wishes and needs “have been ignored by our district and county councillors.”

I believe that to bring a wholeness to the Bexhill community, it has to have a town council

Diane Weller

“Even down to the simplest thing like the name of the new link road,” she said. “Yes, we were given the opportunity to choose the name by Rother District Council, but the most popular name of Viking Way was disregarded by the council; it appears that they gave it the name of their choice — Combe Valley Way.”

Diane feels that Bexhill and its residents have been “steamrollered” over several years by decisions, she believes, made without consultation (or only after the decision has already been made). She added: “East Sussex County Council paid little heed to the residents’ wishes to invest in LED lighting which in the long run would have saved money and created a safer environment in which to live, and work. Then there was the district councils secret plan to cover the Oasis garden with forty feet of concrete, and so on.”

“It seems that Rother District’s Council choice for us is to divide the town into parishes; again the voice of the residents is being taken away from them. The town would be divided into seven or eight parishes, each competing against the others to get their needs met. This would completely destroy Bexhill’s pride and spirit.

She believes however the Independents’ idea of an area committee (a sub branch of the council) would actually “only continue to hold the Bexhill area in bondage” to the countryside District Councillors who show little interest in the needs of the town.

“Bexhill has been seen as a retirement area since the end of WW2, but we still have life, and our families and young people who deserve better than to live in a decaying environment, because no investment is being made to make the town thrive.”

At a meeting last week members of Battle and Rye Town Councils spoke about their achievements for their communities and suggested that for a town council to work it must be a team with unbiased objectives, working together.

Diane commented: “I believe that to bring a wholeness to the Bexhill community, it has to have a town council — a voice of the people. Come on, people of Bexhill, young and old, you really do need to stand up for yourselves and your town. Be involved and make yourselves heard. You should have the final word.”