MAGAZINE: A nation of paranormal survivors - Half of Brits believe in ghosts and one in five have been haunted

Psychic Medium, Grant Colyer makes a visit to one of the UK's most haunted houses in Notting Hill London
Psychic Medium, Grant Colyer makes a visit to one of the UK's most haunted houses in Notting Hill London

Research from truTV released to mark the launch of new show Paranormal Survivor, which premieres tonight (Wednesday February 10) at 9pm, has revealed that 18% of Brits claim to have experienced paranormal activity – with an incredible 11% saying they have been molested by a ghost and 5% admitting to moving house due to hauntings.

Of those who had experienced ghostly or paranormal visitors to their home, one in five (20%) had an unexplained feeling of being touched, a quarter (24%) had felt that they were being watched and 19% had felt the presence of a deceased friend or family member.

A surprising 36% said that they would welcome the presence of a dead loved one in their home, with a further 20% saying they would be excited to see a spirit. Almost half said that they would welcome a ghost in to their home by saying ‘hello’, although 13% said they would run away in fear if they encountered a presence from the other side.

Steve Hornsey, director of general entertainment at truTV UK, said: “Our new show Paranormal Survivor will bring some phenomenal real-life ghost stories in to the living rooms of the UK – so truTV was keen to find out how many Brits had experienced the paranormal first-hand. We weren’t disappointed. We were stunned to see how many people have experienced ghostly goings on, and because of the incredible numbers of reported hauntings happening in the UK we’ve recruited expert psychic medium Grant Colyer to help us protect our homes from the paranormal.

Grant Colyer, renowned psychic medium, said “The results didn’t surprise me at all, Britain has a history of terrifying hauntings and I’m busier than ever helping exorcise demons and spirits that haven’t fully passed over. Lots of people will experience the supernatural at some point in their life, so I’ve worked with truTV to create a guide to help Brits banish ghosts and reclaim their home from unwanted spirits. For the 50% of the UK who that said they love watching shows about ghosts, Paranormal Survivor will show some of the terrifying experiences of people who have been unlucky enough to have seen it first-hand.”

Watch Paranormal Survivor at 9pm every Wednesday from 10th February, new and exclusive to truTV (Freeview channel 68, Sky 198 and FreeSat 154).


1. Think about the energy in your home - has there been any negative energy to bring forth a presence of spirit, good or bad, into the environment. Try and maintain a positive energy in your home; remember – we are a living spirit so we can enhance what is going on around us.

2. Tibetan Singing bowls can be powerful tools to ward off unwanted spirits. They send out a vibration when used which can be used to clear your space of negative spirit energies and act as a deterrent.

3. Dream Catchers can also be used to help reduce the amount of negative energy in your home and catching negative dreams.

4. Mirrors can trap and enhance energy in your home. You can move mirrors to face each other so that you can see a reflection of another mirror within it – this can help move positive energy around your home.

5. White sage is a powerful tool for cleaning spirit energy. You can pick this up at a holistic shop or online – or in incense form. Rub it over doors or burn it to clear negative energy. I find smudging it works more as a deterrent than a cure, but it’s effective.

6. Self-protection is one of the best ways to defend yourself from a personal attack from a spirit. I ask my clients to fill themselves with gold light, imaging a golden ball of light through your Chakra – filling your energy with a bright light. Many people believe that white light protects, but personally I use gold light. White light can attract the spirits, but gold does the opposite.

7. I call on Arch Angels, the most powerful of the Angels is Michael who fought off the demons and negative energies. You can do this yourself by envisioning him and focusing on him while you’re trying to clear a spirit energy.

8. Positive thinking. Your emotions are energies and you must aim to control your fear (negative energy) as well as love (positive). These are the two most powerful energies and will attract spirits. As hard as it can be to not fear, remain strong in yourself at all times through the process because our energy is stronger in this dimension than theirs.

9. I use certain crystals in my work, such as clear quartz, which helps me to channel the positive energy. Placing a piece of amethyst in the centre of your house and in every corner can help channel positive energy.