MAGAZINE: John Torode reveals Britain’s food heaven and food hell

John Torode
John Torode

We all have foods we love and hate, but as a nation what do we collectively deem food heaven and food hell?

And what’s the key to turning something you don’t like into something you crave? Watch the video with John Torode to find out...

A new survey by BBC Good Food has revealed what we deem as food hell and food heaven.

Chicken, pasta and cheese are the nation’s favourite foods, whilst traditional food hates such as liver and Brussels sprouts continue to make it onto the food hell top ten.

But while Marmite’s name is synonymous with being loved and hated in equal measures it’s now curry which has stolen the spread’s crown as the food we most love or hate.

In a survey of the nation’s views on food by BBC Good Food, curry was named fifth in a list of food heaven but fourth in a list of food hell.

Marmite meanwhile was 7th most hated but nowhere to be seen in most loved, 74th.

But surely life is too short not to try everything, so to help John Torode shows us how we can turn our food hells into food heaven by using very simple ingredients.

Watch the video as he explains how easy it to turn a food hate such as liver into a succulent dish by simply using chilies, onions, bacon and mash. This video is sure to get you inspired to try something new in the kitchen.

Top 10 food hell

1) Liver

2) Fish

3) Brussels Sprouts

4) Curry

5) Mushrooms

6) Pasta

7) Marmite

8) Tripe

9) Celery

10) Offal

Top 10 Food heaven

1) Chicken

2) Pasta

3) Cheese

4) Pizza

5) Curry

6) Chocolate

7) Bread

8) Fish

9) Potatoes

10) Steak

74) Marmite

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