MAGAZINE: Life Improvement Tips for a Harmonious Home

Life Improvement Tips for a Harmonious Home SUS-160322-123915001
Life Improvement Tips for a Harmonious Home SUS-160322-123915001

It’s undeniable that in today’s society we live in an “always on” culture, where omnipresent technology keeps us hungry for information updates and a constant stream of social interaction.

For many of us, this barrage can be stressful and exhausting - so it’s not surprising that many find it hard to find space to unwind and relax.

The World Health Organisation states that the stress related symptoms of cardio vascular disease and mental health issues are likely to be the two prime contributors to illness by 2020. And recent research by Homebase has revealed that our homes can be a great starting point in improving our well-being.

The answers aren’t necessarily grand design gestures but are often found in smaller solutions that make the home a better place to live.

Design and Well-being Expert Oliver Heath has launched a new video series with Homebase to help give us a steer on the simple and small improvements we can make to improve our health and happiness at home and create a more calming space to live.

The series covers some of Oliver’s fundamental pillars to a more harmonious home including:

· Clear the clutter. Providing smart storage solutions will reduce the visual stress in the home. The average family takes 52 minutes to get out the door in the morning but clever de-cluttering can shave valuable minutes off morning routines.

· The average household spends less than an hour socialising together each day. Creating different types of social spaces in the home helps build better connections between you and your loved ones, for a happier home environment.

· Only three out of 10 homes choose to go green by having a plant in their house. Incorporating plants and references to nature has been scientifically proven to reduce blood pressure and heart rates, improving recuperation rates after exhausting tasks by combatting stress.

Our homes are the most important places in our lives - it’s where we raise our families, create memories and somewhere we seek solace at the end of the day. Watch the series for ideas to inspire a home that not only looks great, but also improves your physical health and psychological well-being.