Match abandoned after ref was ‘abused’

A local football match was abandoned at the weekend amid claims of abuse and bad language towards a female referee.

The game at Bulverhythe featured a Bexhill United third team against Conquest United in the Macron East Sussex football league division four.

The game was called off after 65 minutes with Bexhill leading 4-1.

Spectators and players were said to have been shocked by behaviour shown by Conquest United towards the referee with, it is said, name-calling and sexist swearing.

But following the game Conquest United said the bad language was not aimed at the ref.

A spectator described ‘absolutely disgusting behaviour, and foul and abusive language’.

Justin Trucknott, of Bexhill Utd, felt the referee had been badly treated while just trying to do her job.

He said: “She didn’t get her decisions wrong. I thought she was badly treated by the players, to be fair. She made all her decisions correctly.”

“It is disgusting,” said Justin. “It is childish behaviour.

“I say to all my players whether the referee is wrong or right, you have to respect their decision. You cannot behave like that.”

However Conquest United secretary and player Isaac Otimigiw felt there had not been a particular problem and told the Observer: “There was just a bit of a commotion. A couple of red cards were issued simultaneously to Conquest players and there was a bit of a commotion, but nothing was directed towards her.

“We have nothing personal against her whatsoever.”

He felt any swearing by players was just among themselves and said: “I personally would immediately get rid of any player I could hear call a female official such names.

“That would be totally uncalled for and we would not entertain such behaviour.”