MBE for Clare

An MBE has been awarded to Clare Lewis-Jones for her services to healthcare.

Wednesday, 24th June 2009, 5:05 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 7:58 pm

Clare was named in the Queen's Birthday Honours List following her work as Chief Executive of Infertility Network UK and More To Life, the largest national charity devoted to supporting those suffering the effects of infertility.

Clare - formerly Clare Brown - an infertility sufferer herself, has worked for over 25 years to raise awareness of infertility and the impact on those who suffer from it. Her commitment and dedication to all patients who suffer from infertility has played a major factor in the recognition which Infertility Network UK receives from the Department of Health and from health professional organisations.

The increased level of NHS funding for fertility treatment has been acknowledged by many as partly down to the work of I N UK and Clare.

Clare was instrumental in bringing together all patient organisations to form the Association of Fertility Patients Organisation (AFPO) in April 2005 and represents infertility patients not only through Infertility Network UK but also on a European level through Fertility Europe.

Commenting on her award, Clare said "This award is a huge honour for me personally. However it is also an award which I feel indicates that infertility is something which is most definitely a healthcare issue, and one which is deserving of NHS funding.

"It is also an award which I share with all my colleagues at Infertility Network UK. We literally struggle from one year to the next to survive. Infertility can happen to anyone but it is only when it happens to you that it becomes a real issue, a real illness.

"Hopefully this award will make people sit up and think '“ infertility is a healthcare issue '“ it is something that can happen to me '“ and it is something deserving of understanding and treatment by the NHS".

"I thank each and every person I work with '“ a fantastic team '“ without whom this wouldn't have happened. I N UK is a fantastic charity and a charity which is a vital to those affected".

For general information and support on infertility call 0800 008 7464 or visit our website at www.infertilitynetworkuk.com.

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