Michelle Thew - Labour candidate for Bexhill and Battle

I am asking for your support to be your next MP as I believe things can be better.

With a successful career over three decades, this is the first time that I have stood for Parliament.

I am doing so as I believe passionately that we need to create a more positive future for our young people, families and elderly people here in Bexhill and Battle.

So, why am I qualified to be your next MP? A mum and a globally recognised campaigner, I am the chief executive of an international animal protection organisation.

I have also have had a long career running services for children, families and people with disabilities.

Having led award-winning campaigns, I believe that I have the experience to ensure that everyone has their voice heard.

At this election, there are two futures on offer. The Conservatives offer a plan which assumes that as long as the richest and most powerful succeed then everyone else will be ok.

The sad fact is that over the last five years things have gone backwards for many people here in Bexhill and Battle with over 3,500 households in fuel poverty, increased demand at our local food bank, over 75,00 people waiting longer than four hours in A&E at our local Sussex hospitals, and over 13,000 more people on local waiting lists.

Locally, Labour has fought to defend the services that we all rely upon – post offices, fire stations, bus routes – all critical to communities in country and in town.

A strong champion for our rural environment, I would work to protect our beautiful open spaces.

Labour’s priorities are clear. We have no un-costed commitments, balancing the books fairly.

Taking the minimum wage to £8, we will boost pay for over 120,000 low paid jobs here in the South East.

Rescuing our NHS with 1,400 more GPs and 2,900 more nurses in the South East alone, we will join up care from hospital to home. We will also give a future to all our young people with more apprenticeships and lower tuition fees.

As your MP I would be a strong voice for Bexhill and Battle, working with determination, and with no second job.

I would ensure support for our local businesses and focus on the regeneration of Bexhill town centre where so much needs to be done. Let’s make Bexhill and Battle an even-better place to live and work.