A mini pistol from Brazil handed in during gun amnesty

DEADLIIEST of the further eight weapons handed in at Bexhill police station by Monday morning under the firearms amnesty was a "palm pistol."

Thursday, 10th April 2003, 1:47 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 7:59 pm

The miniature pistol looks like a toy but is a fully-operational .22 calibre firearm.

The Brazilian-made weapon is only four inches long and may be fully concealed within the palm of the hand.

Also surrendered were blank-firing starting pistols, air pistols and air rifles, one member of the public surrendering three air rifles.

This week's tally continues the outstanding success locally of the nation-wide firearms amnesty. Weapons may be surrendered with no questions asked at nine Sussex police stations, including Bexhill, between now and the end of April.

A dozen weapons were surrendered at Bexhill last week out of a force-wide total of 164.

A further eight guns were surrendered at Bexhill police station up until yesterday.

They included handguns and rifles.