MOD to block bomb test claims.

There's been a fresh blow to atom bomb test veterans in their marathon fight for compensation.

Wednesday, 24th June 2009, 11:41 am
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 7:58 pm

The Ministry of Defence, which faces a payout of many hundreds of millions of pounds, has been granted permission to mount an Appeal Court bid to block the veterans' claims.

If the disagreement continues and the MOD pursues this appeal it seems likely the legal wrangling will last years and many veterans will not live to see its outcome.

More than 1,000 former service men who took part in tests at Christmas Island in the Pacific in the 1950's claim they have suffered health problems ever since and many have already died.

Judge Mr Justice Foskett has already ruled that it is not too late, as the MOD claimed, for veterans to bring their compensation claim to court. If the ten men involved win it is likely to open the door for a record mass payout.

Malcolm Pike, now 74, said he was disappointed but not surprised by news of the MOD's latest action.

A resident of Grange Court Drive who has himself been a victim of skin cancer and restricted breathing, Malcolm commented: "As far as the MOD is concerned I would expect them to make an appeal. But the mere fact this might cost them millions doesn't seem to enter into it...I think they fight for the sake of having a fight. They were like that with the ghurkas. The MOD will keep on and on until public opinion gets the better of them and then they will give in.

"I am disappointed in as much as you would have thought they would see sense - but I am not disappointed in as much as I expected it to happen this way."