Modern day sacrifices will pave the way for a green future for our children

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From: Cllr Lynn Langlands Collington Lane West Bexhill on Sea

A vast number of men and women went collectively to fight so that we and some of our European neighbours could retain peace, prosperity and democracy for future generations. I cannot even begin to understand how it felt to fight on a battlefield and lose 2/3rds of your friends and colleagues on a single day. I cannot feel the fear of bombs and rifles killing and destroying everything around me, and I have never known the courage and bravery required when everything seems lost.

We owe so much to so many, and from our message today written by John Maxwell Edmonds:

When you go home, tell them of us and say.

For your tomorrows we gave our today

Our children and children’s children must always be told what a huge sacrifice this was. It was not about thinking of oneself, but fighting for a cause that would ensure the peace, security and happiness of our future society.

I feel a war ahead of a different kind. I think we all need to remember that it is not our politicians that will save us from the looming battles of the 21st century. It will always be us. We will need to identify collectively how we can ensure the future existence of a peaceful human race, as well as retaining our vibrant ecosystems and continued healthy world.

It may be that because many of our lives are led by having certain expectations and constant consumerism, we might need to step back and think what sacrifices we now need to make to ensure that For our children’s tomorrow, we must change our today.