More criticism of county council’s Marina project

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The £1 million refurbishment of the Marina has come under more criticism with concerns over the quality of the materials used and the safety of pedestrians.

Bexhill Alliance has said the work has been “poorly conceived and badly carried out” but the county council has again defended the controversial project.

Bexhill Seafront Roadworks

Bexhill Seafront Roadworks

Brian Cope, of Bexhill Alliance, said: “The materials used are in many instances inappropriate for use within the town centre conservation area, of which Marina is part, and contrary to the policies of both ESCC and Rother District Council.”

“Little or no thought appears to have been given to the detail of the scheme and this has resulted in a bus build out that resembles a ski slope, the installation of bollards that do not have any reflective plates on them, and the positioning of speed sign posts in such a way that the footpaths are now ideal as obstacle courses.

“Regardless of the quality of the work residents have the right to expect that it will be carried out safely but there have been frequent and recurrent breaches of safety and good practice.

“Pathways have been obstructed by the temporary warning signs forcing pedestrians into the roadway and ramps for wheelchair users have been erratically used so that users can get down one kerb but not up the other. In some instances traffic joining Marina from Parkhurst Road has been light controlled, at other times it has not. This has resulting in drivers exiting these roads not knowing when it was safe to do so.”

poorly conceived and badly carried out

Brian Cope

A spokesperson for EastSussex County Council said the scheme had been subject to public consultation, adding: “Once completed, it will provide new and upgraded crossing points for pedestrians, better access for bus users and improved traffic management in this busy part of Bexhill. The county council and its contractors take the safety of the public very seriously, both in the design of new schemes and during their construction. Where concerns have been raised by the public or issues identified through regular site inspections, these have been addressed.”