More tea Reverend?

Teapot Vicar SUS-151006-114241001
Teapot Vicar SUS-151006-114241001

Local curate, Michael Turnbull had been enjoying his part in Buxton or Bust, Bexhill’s own Gilbert and Sullivan operetta.

However, when he took on the role of The Reverend Ralph Bunthorne amateur actor and singer Michael could not have realised how the simple, though oft spoken enquiry ‘More tea vicar?’ would have impacted on his life.

During rehearsals for the rousing song ‘Now To The Banquet We Press’ Michael was handed this outsize teapot and asked to serve tea to the cast.

Ever-willing to comply with the director’s instructions, Michael can be seen on stage staggering in an ungainly fashion serving tea and singing boldly in the première of Buxton or Bust at St John’s Church Hall London Road, which takes place from June 23 - 27.

Now he is asking people to please come and watch him as he needs their support- and promises they will have a great evening’s entertainment.

Buxton or Bust has been described as Gilbert and Sullivan meets Mama Mia.

Producer Margaret Amey said: “Buxton Or Bust is the culmination of me romping through Gilbert and Sullivan’s scores and librettos and cherry picking some of the best bits.

“There are thirty Gilbert and Sullivan songs in the show.

Many of the chosen songs are ones people will know, even if they don’t think theyknow any Gilbert and Sullivan.

“Can Lord Simon get the company to The Gilbert and Sullivan Festival or will he be thwarted by a health and safety officer; a property developer and a chorus of unruly ghosts?

“The plan is that you leave the theatre humming or whistling the songs and buzzing with a happy heart from having enjoyed an outstandingly joyous performance.

Ticket details can be found on the website You can also ring 01424 842191 or visit Music’s Not Dead in Bexhill.