MP Hew gives inspiring speech at St Richard’s Crest award ceremony

Bexhill and Battle MP Huw Merriman and  Principle Miss Cronin present a certificate to a St Richard's student
Bexhill and Battle MP Huw Merriman and Principle Miss Cronin present a certificate to a St Richard's student

St Richard’s Catholic College, Bexhill held their first awards ceremony for their in house college ‘The Crest’ award last Friday, June 30.

The award, which is open to all pupils, encourages development of character. Students must meet a number of challenges and fulfil a number of criteria in order to achieve the different stages of the award; Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Gold is awarded when pupils have met the full criteria of The Crest. This includes volunteering to improve the lives of others; taking part in a school performance, or represent the school through a team, club or organisation for a sustained period of time; meeting people who can widen knowledge of the world; experience a professional performance or event; contribute to a campaign for justice, a community based project or make a significant contribution to the liturgical life of the school; take on a leadership role within the school; experience work related learning; visit a place of worship of religious importance in order to gain an understanding of other cultures within society; undertake a peer support or mentoring role for younger pupils.

At the awards ceremony pupils spoke to a packed hall of staff and family members about their experiences on the Crest journey after which Bexhill and Battle MP Huw Merriman MP delivered what St Richard’s Principal, Miss Cronin describes as an inspiring speech, on the development of character and the importance of determination and kindness needed in equal measures in meeting the challenges and opportunities that life brings.

Certificates, were presented by Huw and Miss Cronin.

Following the awards presentation, Huw said he was blown away by the challenges which the students have accomplished. “In so doing, they have furthered their skills and helped others in the process.

“Whilst academic qualifications are important, the attributes of determination, team-work and leadership will, I hope, lead to successful careers and fulfilled lives for these special students. I wish them well with the next stage of their adventures.