New leaders of Rother are crowned

ROTHER District Council officially welcomed its new leader on Wednesday night.

Conservative councillor Carl Maynard was formally elected to the position at the council's annual meeting at the town hall.

Cllr Brian Kentfield was chosen as deputy leader.

Cllr Martin Kenward was selected as the new chairman of Rother, with Cllr Joanne Gadd as vice chairman.

A vote of thanks was given to the outgoing chairman, Cllr Wendy Miers, by Cllr David Vereker.

He said: "Wendy would always research before she went to a meeting and would know all about a subject before she got there. When she went anywhere she would take an interest in what people were doing. When she left everyone would feel very happy.

"She would set about finding out about a subject and getting the feel of it, so when the time she was elegant and a true chair of this council.

"Her dedication to duty has been an example to us all and should be an example for others to follow."

Cllr Miers thanked the chamber and said she hoped she had gained friends for Rother District Council across the county in her role as an ambassador.

She also presented gifts to former councillors who lost their seats at the recent elections. Cllr Miers had invited them to the meeting personally.

She said: "There have been good times and not such good times, but that is part of life.

"There were so many people I wanted to say a good farewell to.

"We (chairman) are nothing as such, but the symbolism of us going out is needed in the district and in the county."

Incoming chairman Cllr Kenward, pledged to give 'total inclusion' for all parties in the council chamber under his stewardship.

The meeting also saw the election of a cabinet.

Cabinet members were chosen as; Cllr Carl Maynard, Cllr Brian Kentfield, Cllr Joy Hughes, Cllr Ian Jenkins, Cllr Jonathan Johnson, Cllr Robin Patten and Cllr Deirdre Williams.