New threat to link road

DOUBTS emerged this week on whether the Bexhill-Hastings road link would get the go-ahead.`

Thursday, 21st October 2004, 2:54 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 8:08 pm

The 47.1 million road is seen as essential in opening access to major schemes such as the north Bexhill business park and the 1,100 home Worsham development.

But leaked information to regeneration bosses suggests new Transport Minister Charlotte Atkins is getting cold feet due to environmental issues.

The shock news dominated a Hastings and Bexhill Taskforce meeting.

MP Greg Barker is demanding emergency talks.

He told the Observer: "Members of the Taskforce agreed to back a high-level delegation to see the Minister.

"It seems the Government is becoming increasingly concerned about the environmental lobby. Evidently, they are only going to fund one or two major road projects in the south east. As a result, people at GOSE (Government Office for the South East) are very concerned about the Link Road.

"We want to take a delegation including the leader of the county council, the county director of transport and the director of SEEDA to punch home the message that they can't pull the plug on the Link Road."