New voices needed for a say on health

collington surgery panel appeal for new faces
collington surgery panel appeal for new faces

Everyone likes to have their say on matters that really count - and that can apply particularly to health.

With that in mind an appeal is being made by Collington Patient Participation Group for fresh faces - the group is hoping for new members who feel they can play a personal part in supporting the practice.

Collington Patient Participation Group was established in 2014 and meets every couple of months at Collington Surgery.

The next meeting is at 2.15pm on March 3.

Patient Participation Groups are made up of volunteer patients who meet on a regular basis to support and enhance the running of their local GP Practice.

All PPGs are different and the specific aims of each group will depend on local needs and the interests of the participants, although they all have the overarching aim of helping to ensure GP Practices remain accountable, dynamic and responsive to patients’ needs.

There’s plenty of evidence of PPGs making real, constructive changes to choice and delivery of local Health Services. From the minute a patient decides they need to see a doctor, to the moment they walk into a consultation room, PPGs can be effective in ensuring the patient’s experience is as smooth and pleasant as possible.

Member Juliet Ward said: “At present we are a very small group and we urge patients of Collington Surgery to consider joining our group so that we may play a part in continually enhancing the patient experience at Collington. We want to ensure that health services match the needs of the local patient population.

The PPG has a key role in increasing the quality and the accessibility of the care available to you, your family, your neighbours and the whole of your community. It is a great way to give something back and many members get a real buzz from being in a position to make important changes to the practice. It’s also a great way to meet new people and learn new skills, including diplomacy and team work.

If you would like more information on becoming a member of Collington Surgery Patient Participation Group then please call Sarah on 217465.

“We look forward to meeting you all soon.”