NHS eye test was the best yet, but system needs to be looked at


From: J Camden Field, London Road, Bexhill

I recently had a home eye test on NHS, it was the best ever, cleared up a problem I had after cataract procedure having been told I would need further laser treatment at my expense even though I went through the NHS.

I was however slightly nonplussed when the corrective lenses which were prescribed had to be paid for by me as I am not on any benefits, this is a problem, I thought the 44 years insurance I paid into covered me, no wonder so many choose not to go down that route. I also need a hearing aid that I can’t get on NHS, so am being bled dry basically. It’s so unfair, the system needs to be looked at.

While I am at it, re: TV licence, same applies. The BBC has just announced two presenters are getting a six figure pay packet for ONE Christmas show, I watch three BBC shows worth £154? Definitely considering changing my vote