Video - Lacklustre summer combined with cutting edge growing methods produces ‘biggest and best crop of English apples in 20 years’

Farmers are predicting a record harvest of 160,000 tonnes of eating apples this year compared to 141,000 tonnes in 2014.

A combination of hot and wet weather, new varieties, and improved farming methods means this year’s crop is expected to be the largest since 1995.

A regular 15C difference in temperature between day and night during August and early September has ensured apples’ skins are the perfect shade of red.

Anything less than a ten degree drop overnight produces a pale red and green mix of apples, while a 15 degree shift or more makes the fruit “block red”.

This year’s apples will also taste sweeter due to their containing a relatively higher level of natural sugar caused by early spring sunshine which allows sweetness to develop.