MP Huw Merriman (L) speaks at a 'People's Vote' rally calling for another referendum on Brexit on April 9, 2019 in London, England.  (Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images)

Huw Merriman, MP, on Brexit: “We have to face reality and find a solution”

Our failure to leave the European Union by the end of March now sees us given another extension until the end of October to get an agreement through Parliament. If we can achieve this earlier, we avoid the humiliating feature of European Parliamentary elections in May. As I have written before, I just cannot see Parliament delivering a majority for the Withdrawal Agreement which the UK and EU have agreed. It has failed to pass three times now. Some may say that the spectacle of electing MEPs in May could just jolt those on the anti-EU side of my party to hold their noses and vote for the deal. Similar optimistic noises were made last time and it still failed to attract enough support to get it over the line.

Brexit protesters demonstrate outside the Houses of Parliament (Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images) SUS-190328-124559001

Parliament is not delivering; it is time to be bold

Yet another fortnight of turmoil in Parliament. This has seen the Prime Minister promising her own MPs this week that she will step down once her deal, the Withdrawal Agreement, is ratified by Parliament. This price, it would appear, will be enough to persuade some Conservative MPs to vote for the deal. How appalling that elected representatives will cast possibly the most important vote they may ever have not on the content of legislation but on a change of driver.

Diary of a Sussex Newbie SUS-181228-115116001

Diary of a Sussex Newbie - legs and limps…

There’s a bit of a medical theme going on here at the moment. Life in Sussex necessarily requires a lot more physicality than life in the city did – particularly since our rescue dog, Bessie, joined the family.

In the House with Huw Merriman SUS-151007-132058001

“I am truly sorry that Parliament cannot follow through on its promises.”

Since my last column, I was pulled out of the ballot twice in successive Prime Minister’s Questions. I had hoped that I could write about my separate calls to empower long-leaseholders and freeholders, so they can break free from unscrupulous service management fees and, this week, for more school funding. I hope to return to these themes another time but I suspect readers will be more preoccupied by what on earth Parliament is doing to enact the promises made following the referendum result to leave the EU and in the Conservative and Labour 2017 General Election manifestos.

Gemma Newstead

Advice on Capital Gains Tax

Question: I have just sold my house which I lived in for several years but I also rented it out for a period. Will I have to pay Capital Gains Tax as a result?
Residents discussing major development plans in Battle SUS-190218-112344001

LibDems push to take back control of development in Rother

Big housebuilders and Local Authorities like big new housing schemes. Housebuilders like the profits, and Local Authorities have to hit their housebuilding targets. Usually though, local residents don’t like big new schemes. We know new houses are needed, especially affordable homes for young families. But we worry that our concerns about the capacity of local roads, schools and doctors surgeries, let alone green spaces and wildlife, will all be brushed aside.

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