No surprises as first seafront plans get green light

THE rubber-stamping of the first phase of the controversial Next Wave project comes as no surprise.

Friday, 19th February 2010, 12:34 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 7:55 pm

Having said that, rolling out the plans for the Colonnade and in particular Bexhill Rowing Club could be seen as a shrewd move.

The plans for the rowing club are the one part of the scheme which hasn't been closely questioned by the community at large.

And why should it?

An organisation which promotes a healthy activity while at the same time producing the amazing Row4Charity team more than deserves the upgrade to its currently ageing and cramped facilities.

By making this part of the first wave of Next Wave, the council seems to

be hoping the reflected glory of the rowers will rub off onto the rest of the scheme.

In recent decades, Bexhill Rowing Club has done more to put the town on the map than any other individual or organisation.

Youth of Pebsham bucks stereotype with club idea

IT'S a common complaint, particularly among the older generation, that young people today are rude, feckless and shallow.

So it's great to see the youngsters of Pebsham disproving this by working so hard to set up their own youth club.

Not only did they canvass residents to see what they thought of the idea, they even talked with the county council and applied for funding.

Instead of just hanging about and complaining there's nothing to do, these teenagers have actually got up and done something about it.

Here's hoping the Pebsham Chill Zone is a success for many years to come.