Everest challenge

Chestnut Tree House Update SUS-140508-070644001
Chestnut Tree House Update SUS-140508-070644001

I’m dedicating this week’s column to telling you about the amazing challenge Rupert Jones-Warner has set himself in order to raise £50,000 for Chestnut Tree House.

In April, at the age of 23, Rupert will attempt to break a world record by becoming the youngest person to traverse Mount Everest.

The dangerous and complex climb has only been completed by 32 people, so it really is an incredible undertaking.

Rupert’s challenge includes a 45km climb beginning on the Nepalese side of the mountain, which is expected to take him 57 days in total. Once he has reached the summit, the hard work is not over as he will be faced with the descent down Everest’s Tibetan side via the North-East Ridge.

This is the most dangerous part of the climb.

Rupert has been training hard, going to the gym every day and training in a hypoxia chamber, which replicates the effects of being at altitude.

He goes for an hour’s run most evenings and at weekends he runs with a 20kg backpack.

Everyone at Chestnut Tree House is 100% behind Rupert and we are all amazed at his bravery and generosity.

Rupert is passionate about supporting us as he feels his family would have greatly benefited from such a service when his brother was receiving treatment for a life-threatening heart defect as a child.

From us all, we wish Rupert all the best of luck with his incredible challenge – we’ll be thinking of him every step of the way.