Are Bexhill seafront’s fountains less important than other priorities?

From: Michael Devanny, Cooden Drive, Bexhill on Sea

Friday, 2nd July 2021, 8:00 am
Bexhill seafront fountain SUS-190724-133209001
Bexhill seafront fountain SUS-190724-133209001

I read with interest the reader’s letter regarding lack of progress getting the Bexhill fountains working again and strongly agree that this situation must be addressed for the benefit of children, families, tourists and the town as a whole.

However, having written recently to the Leader of Rother District Council on this subject, the reply received leaves me with little confidence this is a priority.

Despite the fountains being installed fairly recently, there seems to be no contractual remedies that place responsibility for the repairs on the original designer or installer; you would expect this with effective procurement.

We know there are other priorities for our council. So, for example, they continue to maintain bowling greens and other facilities for the benefit of other members of the public, but it seems that ensuring great facilities like the fountains are there for our children, is of less importance?

Similar fountains are operated successfully in many other places and so as a community, we should require our council to explain why our fountains are dry and what they now plan to do to let our children enjoy them again.

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