Bus stops are in the wrong places on Bexhill Road

From: Roy Goodall, Top Cross Road, Bexhill on Sea

Friday, 1st October 2021, 9:32 am
Glyne Gap/Ravenside from the air

I would like to highlight the awful “improvements” imposed on us folk ,the result of such improvements causing very dangerous junctions etc.

Also, I hope the person who accepts my invitation has a back problem so that he or she can experience the severe pain I endure when driving on pot holed roads. A short ride on the bus along Pebsham Lane may be worthwhile to help aggravate the back pain (poor bus drivers,too).

Perhaps he or she would like to experience nearly having a head-on collision near the Esso petrol garage along Bexhill Road?

The bus lane heading West forces vehicles into the centre of the road. Buses picking up passengers at the bus stop heading East is directly opposite the bus lane on the opposite side. Overtaking the bus that is waiting at the stop means heading straight into the oncoming traffic heading West. Move the bus stop or end the bus lane a few hundred yards earlier would resolve.

The other bus stop causing huge tail backs is near Ravenside. This bus stop, on the opposite side to Ravenside, is conveniently located directly alongside a keep left island in the centre of the road. At certain times there are many students using this bus stop to board the buses. This takes quite a time. Vehicles can’t pass the bus due to the island. Result? Nothing moves until the bus moves off. No wonder there is a high pollution level along this stretch of the A259 !

Many other examples of the poor design of our roads could be shown to the Highways persons if they want to have a tour with me.

Won’t hold my breath, though.

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