Chance to play church organ in Bexhill

From: Barry Turnwell, Salvington Crescent, Bexhill-on-Sea

Friday, 4th June 2021, 8:18 am
Christchurch Methodist Church, Springfield Road, Bexhill SUS-141004-135154001

I have read with interest a few articles that you have published about organs. I thought that you may be interested in the organ that we have at Christchurch Methodist Church, Springfield Road, Bexhill.

It is a Father Willis organ that was installed in the church in 1945 having been transferred from a large house in the north of England. I also have the Souvenir Programme when the organ was dedicated on 1st August 1945. The purchase and installation cost was £750! Those who know about organs have commented upon its beauty and ability, and to this end we do have it tuned every six months.

However, there is one disappointing point that is very sad. At present it is hardly ever played. If any of your readers would like to play the organ we would be delighted to hear from them. We would give them access and they could play to their hearts content!

Our church has a website - - that gives contact details. Thank you.

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