Change will not keep public safe

From: Stephen Atkinson-Jones, Collington Grove, Bexhill

Friday, 21st September 2018, 11:05 am
Updated Friday, 21st September 2018, 11:08 am

Throughout this summer, Herbrand walk beach has experienced increasing numbers of jetskis.

In 2011 RDC amended the bye laws to state there will be no landing or launching of PWCs from any Rother beach.

This decision was reached after extensive public consultation and the overwhelming view from the public and societies and groups that jetskis were not welcome at Rother.

We, The Herbrand Walk Beach Preservation Society, cannot see that anything has happened to change local views on this matter.

We have statutory laws in this land for the benefit of society as a whole and to keep us safe.

It is up to local authorities to enforce these bye laws.

Along with jetskis, we have experienced many overnight caravans and motor homes; again banned from this beach by local laws, yet how many enforcement penalties have been issued to anyone? Answer – none!

It is not acceptable to blame financial cuts on ineptitude.

All council employees should remember that we, the public, pay their wages.

Try working harder if you need to resolve a problem.

Rother District Council is failing in their duty to us citizens to uphold the law and keep us safe.

We therefore fail to see why, to change from no designated landing and launching of jetskis to allowing these dangerous craft to operate from our beach should be allowed using an “operation decision”.

The officers involved apparently need only the cooperation of the two ward councillors.

Surely this cannot go unchallenged.

The problem here is why RDC are not enforcing the bye laws.

We and other local groups, societies and associations interested in this are well organised, well informed and are determined that our beach will not be used as a free amenity for jetskis endangering the rest of us.

We will not allow this amendment to happen.