County council grass cutting

From: Ian Griffiths, Fontwell Avenue, Bexhill

Friday, 2nd July 2021, 7:50 am
Un-cut grass on the verge

Good grief, a short letter from me, mainly because words have almost failed me!

I contacted the ESCC Head of Highways to ask him what contingency arrangements he had for verge cutting when the grass was 2 to 3 ft high as it is in many places. Obviously his contractors standard machines could not deal with such masses of grass. More importantly if these very long cuttings were not removed, they would stay on or be blown onto the carriageways, blocking the gullies and causing long term flooding and continued grass seed growth in the channels. The latter breaks up the bitmac in the channels allowing rainwater to destroy the carriageway.

A week later the long grass verges were cut in the normal way, and the cuttings strewn across the carriageways, paths and driveways.

Is this what you voted for? What a waste of our payments to the ESCC. So it continues.

The ESCC policies are actually not saving money, but wasting it.

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