Frustration regarding the failure of Rother Council to manage parking at Galley Hill car park in Bexhill

From: Nigel Gibbon, Sutton Place, Bexhill on Sea

Monday, 25th October 2021, 8:20 am
Bottom car park Galley Hill in Bexhill. SUS-200109-155326001

I am writing to you to air my frustration and irritation, shared incidentally by many residents of the town, regarding the failure of Rother Council to manage properly the parking rules of Galley Hill car park.

Since the introduction of parking charges in the town, like it or not, there at last seemed to be some structure to the way in which the management of camper vans was dealt with. Signing, which was recently enhanced and a verbal promise from the council of their intent to regulate properly the many camper vans that migrate to the sea front.

Those of us who live opposite the car park at Galley Hill will be aware that some drivers simply ignore signing and rules and maybe payment by continuing to use the car park as a camp site. My irritation today, Sunday, has notched up a level as there have been a variety of camper vans ‘camped’ here since Saturday afternoon. A couple were the smaller VW type, but three were of the US motorhome variety. One arrived Saturday afternoon and parked ‘side on’ and is still there Sunday night. It is the size of a coach. The driver was seen to arrive walk to the large information board, read it for a few minutes and go back to extend the hydraulic side of the unit creating even more space.

If one is foolhardy enough to stop in the town irresponsibly you will receive a ticket as soon as blink. But the car parks are free for all. Heavy goods vehicles, buses and these camper vans have all chosen to park.

Do they pay? Who knows.

Are any officials monitoring them? Who knows.

Has any driver ever received a penalty?

The other week I dared to wander over and mention to a camper that a ticket might be imminent. His reply summed the situation up admirably. ‘No one bothers us here mate!’

Is anyone else bothered?

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