I would feel very unsafe if Gulliver’s Bowls Club land was derelict for a while

From: Wendy Lefort, Cantelupe Road, Bexhill-on-Sea

Friday, 1st October 2021, 9:42 am
Gullivers bowling club, Bexhill. ENGSUS00120130131102418

I am writing in reply to the letter from Arthur Valenzuelu in the Observer on the 17/9/21 concerning the redevelopment at Gulliver’s Bowls Club.

My involvement is that I have a 66 foot boundary backing on to the derelict land in question.

This whole plot, derelict land, bowling green, indoor bowling rink and clubhouse are all privately owned by Gulliver’s Bowls Club.

The bowls club needs a large sum of money for the maintenance and extension of it’s present clubhouse as well as a new roof for the indoor bowling rink. Without this money the club would be forced to close in the next few years or sooner if the wind blows the roof off.

My concern is what would then happen to the land.

1. The council could buy it and develop the whole plot as a housing estate.

2. It would be left derelict.

I certainly would feel very unsafe. I would be forced to build a very high security fence, if allowed, it is a horrible thing to have to do.

I would love the council to buy the land and turn it into a well-maintained council amenity, however, they have never shown any interest as I don’t think it is a priority of theirs to provide another park for Bexhill which would require ongoing maintenance.

The best solution to eliviate its immediate financial problems is the one which the club has chosen. The bowling green would be left as an open green space. The ground behind would have nine mews houses with the majority of the plot given over to the gardens and surrounding green space. The bowling club will continue to be a public asset.

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