It’s just not fair to say the old are taking the money from the young

From: Diana M Austin, Kenton Close, Bexhill-on-Sea

Friday, 17th September 2021, 7:33 am
The debate on funding the NHS continues

It is with great disappointment that I see the old chestnut that the old have stolen all the goodies from the young and that is why our young people are having such a hard time buying homes and paying to keep their families.

This idea is seriously mistaken in my opinion, the real culprits are the successive governments we have elected who have chosen repeatedly not to raise sufficient taxation from the general population and those wealthy investors who have used the many lucrative tax avoidance loopholes to evade their responsibilities to the society in which they have made money.

We have companies making huge amounts of money in this country and paying very little in the way of taxation, successive governments have evaded dealing with this issue and the issue of closing the many lucrative tax avoidance schemes used to enrich the already wealthy.

There is no sustainable way of running a well funded health service without all of us, including the wealthy and large businesses paying more tax. To pretend there is, is to do the present and future generations a great disservice.

Make the tax avoidance schemes illegal, tax all the monies raised in this country by large companies, and stop pretending that we can have something for nothing.

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