No need for traffic lights on proposed Queensway Gateway road in Hastings

From: Michelle Galloway, Manor Close, Icklesham

Friday, 31st December 2021, 10:16 am
The proposed junction. Picture from Sea Change Sussex SUS-211214-103257001

Re: Queensway Gateway Road. There is absolutely no need for traffic lights - this will hold the traffic up even more - a roundabout would do the job - we have all passed our driving tests and are perfectly capable of negotiating a roundabout without intervention of traffic lights. Also it is not exactly environmentally friendly waiting at traffic lights chugging out fumes. There must also be the added cost of putting in/maintenance of traffic lights - why is this even being put on the table as an option? It makes me think that perhaps there is a special offer on traffic lights in Hastings - BOGOF maybe - the other end of the bypass seems to manage quite well without the need of traffic lights.

Lately it seems that common sense does not seem possible in many choices in Hastings. Do any of the people that make these decisions actually come from the area or care about what happens in our town.

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