There are many risks to people less steady on their feet on Bexhill seafront, not just cyclists.

From: Paul Burns, Claxton Road, Bexhill on Sea

Friday, 10th December 2021, 7:13 am
Updated Friday, 10th December 2021, 7:13 am
Bexhill seafront on a busy day

I am sure some pedestrians have encountered inconsiderate cyclists on the promenade, but are cyclists the biggest danger?

I suggest two other groups are more of a hazard, particularly to people who are less steady on their feet, such as young children and older people who have become frail.

Most dogs on the promenade are fine because either they are on short leads or off-lead without presenting any risk. However, some run hither and thither, sometimes with other loose dogs.

And some owners use very long leads that allow dogs to run from one side of the paving to the other.

To make matters worse, at times the owners are distracted by their phones or talking to other people.

In my experience, the irresponsible dog walkers are far more common than cyclists.

I also see families who bring young children to the promenade with new scooters (including powered), trainer-bikes, roller skates and Segways.

An area busy with pedestrians is not a good place for kids to learn the physical skills needed for control and the concentration such devices require.

It is very odd that the busiest part of Bexhill’s seafront allows bicycles while the much less used Splash Deck does not. I understand the reason for this is shingle that gets thrown onto the Splash Deck. I can see and predict shingle, but I cannot predict wayward dogs.

I suggest replacing the signs that prohibit cycles with signs that warn all users that on occasions they might encounter shingle.

Less steady pedestrians are more at risk from the shingle than cyclists.

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