Your Letters - December 21

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Friday, 21st December 2007, 6:57 am
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 8:23 pm

Sheep deaths

I AM writing to thank all those Observer readers for their offers of help and support following the dreadful deaths of four of my pet sheep in dog attacks.

The remaining 23 members of our flock were recently moved to a place of safety, thanks to readers Lynn and Andrew who stepped in to offer us the use of their field.

Sadly, the dogs in question are still out causing trouble and were seen terrorising my hens (luckily they are in a secure pen) a couple of weeks ago.

I was amazed to discover that, even if dogs repeatedly attack animals, adults or children the law does not allow them to be removed from the owner without consent until after a successful prosecution.

If, like me, you believe that this should be changed so that police have the powers to impound dangerous dogs immediately after an attack, please take a couple of minutes to sign my online Downing Street petition which is at or simply search the Downing Street petitions web site for Darcy the Sheep.

I hope that together we can close this legal loophole and prevent such incidents from occurring in the future.

Many people have enquired after Buffy, the lamb who was badly injured in the second attack. We are having trouble getting her wounds to heal so Barby Keel has been kind enough to offer her a stable where she will stay until she recovers from her injuries. She is such a little fighter we are doing all we can to ensure she survives.

Gillian Stone

Cooden Drive

Pavilion vanity

IT seems to me that Stephanie Webb (Letters, December 14) has rather lost the plot on the vexed question of Pavilion funding. Nothing I have seen or heard suggests that anyone in the area wants the Pavilion to close, nor for the council to withdraw its huge subsidy completely.

What nearly everybody seems to want, however, is for the DLWP (or whoever has the management of our Pavilion) to be a lot more responsive to local needs and tastes.

What we don't want is for our money to be used to subsidise a white elephant of cultural vanity for the exclusive amusement of a tiny minority.

R.F. Haslett

Ninfield Road

Hospital action

I WOULD like to thank both the Bexhill Observer and the Hastings Observer for supporting and helping me to bring to the public's attention the need for the Conquest Hospital to "clean-up" their act, over the last year!

Having lost my 60-year-old husband to the dreaded infection, MRSA, whilst in the care of the Conquest, it then became obvious to me that many other people might have suffered a Hospital Acquired Infection, which should have been avoided, had some poor standards of cleanliness been addressed sooner. That some of the nursing standards could be improved, and more importantly, areas within the hospital, which over the last 16 years, have been abused, and not used for the purpose they were designed for, ie. sterile treatment rooms on wards.

All these areas have/are now being addressed for the better of hospital and patient.

I still have a 'gripe' about the louvered ceilings in the corridors as being a secret hiding place for germs, grime, grease and infestation! But the hospital Trust is adamant that the 'louvers' do not present "a significant risk"!

I am not ignorant to the fact that most people who, for whatever reason, have to attend the Conquest Hospital, receive good treatment and care, which enables them to return home to a better, healthier and more comfortable life, but there are many who don't, through negligence of care, in all its facets!

Through your papers I would like to ask people who both are happy with the standards, and those who are not, to bring to the attention of the hospital Trust, the constant need for improvements. To keep on keeping on!

If one life has been saved through one treatment room having been opened for its original use, then my husband didn't die in vain!

As I have moved out of the area, it is time for me to get on with the rest of my life.

I simply hope and pray that someone else will pick up the fight to see the standards get better and better, so we, the great British public can say our hospitals are as good and as clean, as they used to be and are better than many of our European counterparts.

Because it is easy to let somebody else do the fighting, I can only say that people will only get the standards they deserve! We are all responsible to each other!

With thanks to you for being the voice of the public!




Morning cheer

MY morning commute on Thursday was lifted immeasurably by the rather surreal sight of three ballerinas in full garb outside Bexhill Station at 7.15 am.

Being British, we sullen commuters naturally ignored the brightly-attired young ladies as they shivered in their tutus, as if such an event should in no way spoil further one's miserable journey to work.

However, once safely squeezed aboard the heaving Brighton train, the joyous three entered our carriage and sat amongst the rather embarrassed travellers. It was not until a brave man struck up a conversation with them (which us fellow-travellers innocently earwigged) that it transpired that the frolicksome trio were on route to an Anne Summers convention.

Where else?.

We were warned that others of their ilk would be joining at Brighton, which indeed they did.

I would suggest most warmly that an annual Ballerina Day should be instituted in Bexhill forthwith, and that similarly-attired young ladies should be afforded free rail travel for the day!.

P J Taylor

Bexleigh Avenue

St Leonards-on-Sea

Museum work

I WOULD like to thank all of those who organise the monthly Society of Bexhill Museums' fundraising coffee mornings and especially for the fantastic Christmas Special held on December 6. This event in addition to the usual coffee and biscuits, free raffle and stalls selling home made eatables, books and collectables offered mince pies, crackers and a genuine bearded Father Christmas.

As with all events of this kind, success is due to a hard working core of volunteers and although they would not thank me for naming them, I will. So thank you, Christine O'Grady, Sheila Hayes, June Brewer, Beryl Murrell and John Malley for a year's hard work.

I would also offer on behalf of the society our appreciation to Cllr Paul Lendon, Bexhill Town Mayor who has attended every morning when his other duties have allowed him to do so.

The coffee mornings will continue into next year as usual on the first Thursday of each month, 10am at Parkhurst Hall. Please come along and support your local museum. Even better why not join the Society, membership is only 10 single and 15 family. In addition to the coffee mornings we organise regular outings, walks and lectures. Full details of all these events may also be found at the DLWP.


Head of Fundraising

Society of Bexhill Museums

Animals' need

PLEASE may I, on behalf of myself and all the 600-plus animals at the Barby Keel Animal Sanctuary, say a huge and most sincere thank you to everyone who supported us last week outside the Aldi Store, London Road, Bexhill.

A massive 370 worth of food and donations was given - a wonderful result.

I would also like to take this opportunity to say many thanks to everyone who has supported our "starving greyhound".

Unfortunately, there are many other animals suffering physical and mental abuse - just too many for the media to highlight them.

If anyone can find it in their heart to give a home to a gentle greyhound please ring 01273 846 969 where several are just longing for a home and family of their own.

Does the cruelty case have to reach the media before a home is offered? The media also tells of financial hardship in 2008 - try telling that to poor hungry animals.

Thanks must also go to the manager and staff at the Bexhill Aldi store for their help. It just remains to say, on behalf of all the two-legged and four-legged (plus one with only three legs) furred and feathered creatures at the sanctuary a very happy and peaceful Christmas and may 2008 be an animal cruelty-free one.

Grateful and sincere thanks,

Barby Keel

So generous

THE Bexhill branch of the Royal Naval Association wish to convey their sincere thanks to the customers of our local supermarkets who contributed so generously to our recent collections.

Our thanks go also to the management of Sainsbury's, Tesco and Little Common Co-op who permit us the use of their shop forecourts each year.

Our members enjoy the interest and the many questions they receive during their spell on duty with the collecting tin.,

The total collections in 2007, including the collections at our branch meetings, were 1,970, which was rounded up to 2,000 from branch funds.

The following donations have been allocated to local and national Naval-related charities:

The Royal Alfred Home, Eastbourne, 200

Royal Naval Benevolent Trust, 1,000

Seafarers UK, 150

SSAFA/Forces Help, 50

MVS Bexhill, 100

TS Hastings, 300

WRNS Benevolent Trust, 200

Don Newnham

RNA Publicity Officer


My fall

I WOULD like to say very much thanks to the gentlemen of Express Removals who came to my aid last week when I had a fall, lying on their direct route to load up their van.

I just hope I didn't delay them too much!

Also, my grateful thanks to the paramedics who responded so promptly to the gentlemen's 999 call.

A very happy Christmas and a healthy and peaceful New Year to you all.

Bernice Carter

Woodville Court

Conquest care

ON Monday last I fell against the wall of my sunken patio. I was taken to the Conquest Hospital. I was greatly impressed by the treatment I received there. The ambulance arrived quickly. The treatment I received was wonderful even to the extent of a good meal provided.

One hears so many adverse comments I thought this would make a change.


Augustines Close

Passing thought

REGARDING your editorial in last week's issue (December 14), I believe I have stumbled on the perfect solution to the King Offa Way flooded underpass footpath problem.

Firstly, get somebody to see sense and construct a purpose built by-pass that goes around St Leonards, Bexhill, Little Common and meets the A259 on the Marsh Road at Pevensey.

Then, re-instate Bell Hill to the way it was in 1968, in particular, the Queens Head public house.


St Georges Road

Stand clear

THIS is a message for my family, friends and anyone who knows me.

If you see me prancing around the streets (especially twittens) on tip toe, it is not because I have taken leave of my senses. It is simply because I am trying to avoid all the dog mess that inconsiderate dog walkers fail to clear up!

Merry Christmas to one and all!


Grange Court Drive

Pleasant town

I WOULD like to wish all of you a Happy Christmas and New Year.

I have much enjoyed meeting many of you in the course of my mayoral duties, and am much better informed in respect of the numerous activities which are undertaken in the process of making Bexhill such a pleasant place to live.

Best wishes to you all.


Mayor of Bexhill