Bexhill mum’s horror after beloved cat is ‘murdered’

Emma Keane with her partner Chris Morris
Emma Keane with her partner Chris Morris

A Bexhill mum has spoken of her horror after discovering her beloved cat was ‘murdered’.

Emma Keane, 34, of Mayfield Way, Bexhill, said she rushed home from work on Friday after receiving a call from her partner to tell her that one of their cats had been hit by a car.

The mum-of-three has been left distraught after losing her beloved cat Blue (pictured)

The mum-of-three has been left distraught after losing her beloved cat Blue (pictured)

But when she got home she said it was clear their cat, Blue, aged seven months, had in fact been ‘cut open alive’ and ‘murdered’.

She said: “I rushed straight home when I got the call. A neighbour had found him at the corner of our road.

“When my partner went and got him the first thing he said he could see was his intestines outside his body.

“He quickly wrapped him in a towel and brought him back to our house.

Emma was told by Sussex Coast Vets it was likely Blue had been targeted before

Emma was told by Sussex Coast Vets it was likely Blue had been targeted before

“When I got there I lifted up the towel and saw a big cut – it was a perfect incision – like when you cut a slice of meat.

“There was no blood on him and that’s when I knew this wasn’t a car accident. He had been cut open alive and murdered. I went into shock and thought what do I do.”

Emma, who lives with her partner Chris Morris, 47, and their three children, said she called Sussex Coast Vets in Bexhill and was told to bring Blue in straight away.

She said when she picked him up to take him to her car she heard him ‘purr’ and saw some movement in his eyes.

“I couldn’t believe it,” she said. “By the state he was in I thought he was dead – his insides were hanging out of his body.

“I then tried so hard to keep him together and I tried to get to the vets as quickly as possible, but he died before we got there.”

Emma, who works in Brede as a barmaid, said she ‘broke down’ when the vets pronounced Blue was dead and confirmed the horrifying ordeal.

She said: “They told me that there was no sign of an animal attack or that he had been hit by a car, as there were no broken limbs.

“They said he had been cut open alive with a sharp object and had part of a trap on his tail.

“They said they believed it was connected to the other cat killings.

“They also said he had a scar on his tail and that it was likely he had been targetted before. This made sense as he stopped going out as much three months ago.

“I just broke down as I wasn’t expecting them to confirm what I was thinking.”

Emma said the vets contacted South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty (SNARL), which has been investigating the infamous Croydon cat killings.

She said SNARL confirmed the ‘murder’ was not connected to the Croydon killings, but said it it was likely it was connected to the cat killings which have been happening in Sussex.

Emma, who has six other cats at home, said she had only just got over losing one of her cats when it was hit by a car in July.

“I am not coping very well,” she said, adding: “I just feel scared – I am lucky to have a very supportive family.”

She said she now wants to warn other cat owners. “I want to get this out there,” she said.

“You just don’t expect it to happen to you. You see this sort of thing on Crimewatch or on Facebook, and I never believed it.

“I just wish I kept my babies inside. I don’t want people to ignore this and I want to catch the person responsible for this.

“The pain that Blue must have gone through – I can’t get it out of my head.”

A spokesman for Sussex Police said: “Sussex Police is aware of the death of a cat in Mayfield Way, Bexhill, on Friday (November 30).

“This is the first recent report of such an incident in East Sussex.

“A vet has confirmed the injuries are consistent with being run over.”

Inspector Danny Dugan added: “We understand the impact and emotional distress caused to the owner however are confident a crime has not been committed.”

A spokesman for Sussex Coast Vets also said: “At this time our thoughts are with Emma Keane as she grieves the loss of her beloved cat Blue.

“We cannot comment further on this particular story but are obviously working with any relevant parties.

“In our profession we do sometimes come across animal cruelty issues which we all find sickening and deeply upsetting.

“If a member of the public wishes to report an incident of animal cruelty they should contact the RSPCA on 0300 1234999.”

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